Adaptation of digital methods are increasingly defining and driving the success of dental businesses everywhere.

3D scanning and CAD/CAM technologies for digital dentistry are revolutionizing the industry by enabling the merging of production and individual customization into fast, cost-efficient workflows, and New World Dental Lab is proud to offer you these cutting-edge services with our 3Shape Dental System, the market leader in CAD/CAM technology.

Some of the benefits include:
  • Accuracy and Customer Satisfaction - The design and in-house milling results achieved through digital data are extremely accurate, reliably giving perfect fits and aesthetic results for the patient.
  • Information Quality and Speed - 3Shape's digital technologies enhance the quality and reliability of the exacting "personalized" information required for customized dental production and the speed upon with which it is entered into the manufacturing workflow.
  • Mass Customization Manufacturing - Manufacturing data is stored together with each case. This enables a high degree of manufacturing automation and makes efficient production possible. Automated Quality Control can then utilize the same data and equipment to verify the perfection of the end product.
  • Efficient Communication - Our Internet-based system enables direct communication between you and New World Dental Lab. This allows us to discuss you cases “online” while your patient is still in the chair and during all stages of treatment.

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